How IT Consultants are Propelling Businesses Growth

Summary: IT Solution Services and Consultants are being used everywhere, in all industries. From clinical, financial, government, and even top tech companies like Microsoft, Apple, and Google…all utilize external IT Solutions and Consultants. But why are they so important for businesses? 

  1. Some of the world’s largest companies use external IT solutions and IT consults
  2. How it saves companies time and money 
  3. How it is being used to propel future company growth

Introduction: Cinter Technology Services is an IT Solutions Company that has been helping clients from large, publicly-traded, global, companies, to local small businesses. Our Team of experts and specialists work hard to offer our best to all our clients, get the projects done as smoothly as possible, and have built lasting relationships with our clients. We have grown and have office locations in 8 different states, and have clients nationwide, and have just begun to expand internationally. If you are looking for IT Solutions for your business, we hope to begin a business relationship with you, but even if you don’t choose us, we hope this webinar will bring some new insight and revelation to how IT Solutions and Consults can help your business save time, money, and lead to more growth and success.

  1. Some of the world’s largest companies use external IT solutions and IT consults

IT Solutions companies have been growing and continue to be on the rise. External IT solutions companies are being used everywhere, from world class hospitals and clinics, to government and military organizations, the financial sector – like banks and wall street, and even the top tech companies all utilize external IT solutions. IT needs can vary from company to company, such as user tech support, cybersecurity, infrastructure; the list can go on and on. To put very simply these external IT Solutions staff, or IT Consultants, provide essential roles to fill in the gaps in any company by filling the gaps and needs of a company’s needs while saving the company time and money.

Most businesses have an on-site IT staff or teams; a lot of times, these IT staff are in charge of multi-faceted aspects of the company; OR, someone in the company is wearing many hats and fulfilling these roles:

  • Cloud/infrastructure management
  • Incident response and management
  • Networking
  • Information Security
  • Asset and inventory management
  • Active Directory and IAM
  • VOIP Management
  • System logs, reports, and other miscellaneous data management
  • And many other backend tasks

On top of all these, they have to support users with issues with production environments, research & patching of critical issues and components, and troubleshooting any and all tech-related issues within the business environment. So, as you can imagine, these tasks and projects all take up time and people-power to fulfill and manage to complete. This is where IT consultants play be a key factor to helping businesses, not only complete necessary projects, but save money and time while doing so.

At Cinter Technologies, we understand that every business is different and have different needs. We work with companies from large, global enterprises, to smaller and more local businesses. Some of the larger companies have their own IT teams, divided by specializations, like information security, networking, pc support, application support, and so on, but they may need additional staff for certain projects and/or regional support. Other clients have one or two full time IT staff, and need additional support for projects like cloud migration, virtualization, remote support, etc. Some projects require long-term contractual agreements, while others are temporary and project-based. Whatever those needs are, we work together with our clients to find solutions that work best for them; and have built amazing business relationships in the process. 

  1. How it saves companies time and money (side-by-side pandemic remote work)

As mentioned previously, every business has different IT needs; some are trying to migrate everything to the cloud, others are building a virtualized environment for better security and control. More recently, pretty much the entire world had to migrate to video conferencing and remote work, and some businesses were more prepared than others. But let’s take for example setting up a business for remote work with some numbers to understand the time savings (which ends up also being fiscal savings):

Standard Internal Hire for a business with 100 users:

  • Plan for project, budgeting, hiring, scope of work, etc, approximately 1-3months
  • 1-3months hiring staff(s)*** for necessary project (then allot time for training and workflow integration another 1-3 months)
  • 1-3 months Audit Vendors/Applications as necessary
  • 1-3 months Test equipment/applications for deployment
  • 1-3 months Begin deployment/migration and troubleshoot
    • Notes: 
      • Internal hires remain after the project[s] end so there are additional costs
      • Also with internal hires, must consider cost of bonuses, expenses, insurance[s], equipment & supplies, etc.
      • If a Vendor, or application is determined to not work for the project at hand, would have to go back a step to vendor/application auditing which could prolong the project timeline.

IT Solutions Route for a business with 100 users:

  • Plan for project with IT Solutions consultant, budgeting hiring, scope of work, etc.; signing of contract approx 1-3months
  • 1-3 months Test equipment/applications for deployment
  • 1-3 months Begin Deployment/migration and troubleshoot
    • Notes: 
      • Usually IT Solutions Companies can help clients skip the Vendor audit stages because they can recommend vendors and applications that they already have audited before and would give a list of recommended Vendors to the client[s].
      • upon completion of project, contract ends; additional support or upkeep can be arranged with a new contract, typically on a per diem or part time basis.

Standard Route with 100 Users

Time RangeDetailsQuickest Time Frame(months)Longest Time Frame(months)
1-3 monthsPlan for project, budgeting, scope of work, etc13
1-3 monthsHiring Staff(s), Training, Integration (bonus packages, compensation, health, etc)13
1-3 monthsAudit Vendors/Applications13
1-3 monthsTest (or try another vendor/application)13
1-3 monthsDeployment, Calibration, Troubleshooting13
Total Time Frame~5~15

IT Solutions Route with 100 Users

Time RangeDetailsQuickest Time Frame(months)Longest Time Frame(months)
1-3 monthsPlan for project, budgeting, scope of work, etc.; sign contract13
1-3 monthsTest (or try another vendor/application)13
1-3 monthsDeployment, Calibration, Troubleshooting13
Total Time Frame~3~9
  1. How Companies are using IT Solutions Consultants to help propel their company’s growth

So hopefully, we have been able to show just how much time and money can be saved by going the IT Solutions route for businesses.  With the time and money saved, businesses can focus on the things they do best – run their businesses; which naturally leads to fuel further growth of the business.  Further, internal IT staff and employees can explore and work on projects that will help further grow businesses, whether it be investing on stronger cybersecurity, infrastructure, cloud migration, datacenter expansion, automation and AI to increase production, and so on. 

  • One of our large clients (Mizuho), a major publicly traded financial organization was able to do just that.  Many years ago, Cinter Technologies worked together with their IT Teams and helped the company migrate over to the virtual and cloud environments to a hybrid model; the project completed in 2019. When the pandemic hit, not only was the shift to remote work easy to deploy; they had no interruption to their workflows, and was able to hit record numbers in 2020!  With this success, they are now working with us to further expand their infrastructure and are investing heavily in next-gen technologies.

We understand that not all businesses have the same needs, some just need some help migrating to a new remote device management system, or need IT support for their users so that their IT Teams can focus more on larger projects. Again, IT solutions companies can be used to fill those gaps that are needed within your company, and will help you save time and money.  If you need more information, please feel free to contact us with any questions, we are here to help.  Thank you!

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