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Business on the Cloud

Exploring the key differences and factors that may help with your decision-making process when choosing between today’s two most popular cloud services, AWS and Azure.

How IT Solutions and IT Consultants are Propelling Businesses Forward

IT Solution Services and Consultants are being used everywhere, in all industries. From clinical, financial, government, and even top tech companies utilize external IT Solutions and Consultants.

Current IT Security Flaws / Threats

Learn about current IT security flaws / threats and how they affect your business.



Cinter Networks Establishes Cinter Technology Services G.K. in Japan

Checkout the recent article originally posted in Jetro, that reviews how our technology solutions have helped our clients grow and be more successful.

Hiroaki Yamaguchi, CEO of Cinter Technology

Roots Planted in Middle America

Since starting operations in 2013, Cinter Technology has grown into a multinational with offices in nine locations, including from New York to California, and most recently Japan…

How Cybersecurity Efforts are Evolving at the Office

As new technologies emerge and the workplace becomes increasingly digitized, it is crucial to stay vigilant and adapt to new cybersecurity risks to protect sensitive information and data…

How to Choose the Right Service Provider

Today, there are enough technology solutions to make any small business owner’s head spin. Add to that the many vendors competing for your business — and the varying services and pricing plans they offer…. 

Secure Your Network with Firewall Implementation

Secure Your Network with Firewall Implementation

Firewalls are crucial barriers defending networks against cyber threats. These security systems monitor and control incoming/outgoing traffic, preventing unauthorized access. By filtering data packets based on predefined rules, firewalls shield sensitive information from potential breaches. Choosing the right firewall type, regular updates, and tailored configurations are key in fortifying network security. With robust firewall implementation, businesses and individuals enhance their defense against cyber attacks, ensuring data integrity and privacy. Contact us today to secure your network comprehensively.

Navigating IT Hardware Selection - A Guide to Smart Choices

Navigating IT Hardware Selection – A Guide to Smart Choices

Selecting the right IT hardware is crucial for seamless business operations. Start by assessing your specific needs – consider performance requirements and future scalability. Research reputable brands and read reviews to gauge reliability. Opt for compatibility with your existing systems to avoid integration challenges. Prioritize energy efficiency for cost savings and sustainability. Consult with IT experts to ensure optimal configuration and support. By making informed choices, you empower your organization with the tools to thrive in the digital landscape. 

At Cinter Technology, we guide you through strategic IT hardware choices, ensuring your infrastructure is robust and future-ready. Elevate your operations with our expertise.

Mastering Remote Work Tech

Service Desk & Operation

Remote work has become the new norm, demanding a mastery of technology for seamless productivity. Embrace collaborative tools like video conferencing platforms, project management software, and cloud storage solutions. Create an ergonomic home office setup with reliable high-speed internet and noise-canceling headphones. Prioritize cybersecurity by using encrypted communication tools and practicing safe online behavior. Regularly update software and invest in cybersecurity software to safeguard sensitive information. Maintain a healthy work-life balance by setting boundaries and utilizing productivity apps.  

At Cinter Technology, we empower professionals for remote success. Elevate your remote work game with our expert IT insights.

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We have had the pleasure of working with the team from Cinter Technology Services. I don’t have the time or resources to deal with some internet / cloud / network infrastructure companies.

Cinter takes care of our computing and technology needs. They give me the peace of mind to stop worrying about complicated specs and systems, and make organized plan sheets for us to fully understand each project, and get back to achieving my business goals.

Whenever I have a problem, or a new opportunity, the staff at Cinter are always eager and ready to help!

M. T., Marketing & IT, Factory Automation Robot Industries in CA